Nothing Good Comes From a Lack of Sleep

I feel like all these stories start with me sitting in my mother’s living room on a Sunday afternoon, usually running on 4 hours of sleep, dramatically crying about feeling like my relationship is falling apart, (which is usually fueled by the no sleep) and begging my mom for some sort of guidance. My husband and I had gotten in a fight over something very minor, but again with the no sleep I reacted like a two year old resisting a long overdue nap. I feel like the first year of marriage is tough for any couple and it’s especially tough when you have a 16 month old and baby #2 on the way.

Whenever my husband and I are in a rut thats my cue to get a date night on the books. Usually I would say lets just go to the nearest restaurant and grab dinner but this time I wanted to come up with something a little more creative. So what did I do? Went to Google and searched date night ideas for parents. Lets break down a few of them;

  • Go the Hardware store. Love my husband but the last time he tried to help my dad with a DIY project he ended up with a 2×4 to the face and a nice black eye.
  • Research your local train and bus lines.…. and hop on and never look back??
  • Give each other haircuts. Where do I even start with this one.
  • Draw each other. I didn’t even need a date night for this one… definitely my favorite.

Safe to say none of these ideas were going to happen, but reading this list gave me what I needed most, a good laugh. It was now Sunday night, I can’t even recall what my husband and I were arguing about earlier that day. I was so overly tired that I almost felt high from all the laughter as I was reading off some of these date night ideas to my husband.

As I look back on Sunday’s epic meltdown I realized one thing: lack of sleep is the energy for an emotional rollercoaster.


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