My Organized Mess

Being a parent is already chaotic enough and when you throw ADHD in the mix every day can be a circus. When it comes to playing in forts, banging on pots and pans, singing and dancing you could say i’m like the energizer bunny. When it comes to making it to appointments on time, putting our clothes away, pretty much anything that requires organization… i’m not the best.

That’s what navigating parenthood is all about though, right? Some days we are rockstars and actually get everything crossed off our list for that day… and then there are other days when it’s 5 pm, dad is pulling up in the driveway and we are still in our pajamas running around the house.

There are a few things that keeps my life in order on a day-to-day basis and I’m guessing there are other parents out there that can relate. As someone that is not very well organized these are a few things that help get me through the day:

  • Every morning, make your bed. Sounds silly but there is something about making my bed every morning that keeps me mentally organized.
  • Make a list. I know this sounds so cliche but seriously, making a list lays out what you need to do that day and also feels great when you can cross things off.
  • Working out. This is such a difficult one that even I struggle with each day. As parents we give so much of ourselves to our family.. I truly believe it is so important for our mental health to take even 20 minutes a day for ourselves.
  • Get in a routine. As someone with ADHD daily routines keep me balanced and now having a daughter I realized having her in a consistent daily routine is important for her as well.

I’m always interested in hearing tips on what works for other parents to navigate the crazy day-to-day life with children. Please share some of yours!


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